Monday, December 18, 2006

Help Me See There Is Good In The World

I had all these warm and cozy Christmas posts dancing in my head. I was ready to blog how I recently discovered that the woman who sings that annoying Hippopotamus song is actually a distant cousin and so I have stopped scowling quite so much when I pass it on the radio. I thought about sharing the story of the annual Christmas card that came today from my old principal and how much his handmade cards warm me every year.

Yep. I was all cozy and happy and ready to push through two more days of school.

I just got a phone call that changed it all.

Please, please, someone help me with reasons why this cannot happen. I'm forming my list, but it will come later. Right now, let's speak of reasons that Frank Keating cannot get his party's nomination.

Seriously, go. Now.


druin said...

Oh my goodness!!! As if being called "slugs" wasn't enough when he was gov!!!

Karina. said...

I still stand by the following reasons:

1. John McCain - POW trumps FBI
2. Rudy Giuliani - WTC trumps OKC

And I'll add the fact that Keating looks more like an actor who'd be cast in a TV show as an evil Republican president than like a person who'd actually be an evil Repubilcan president.

Can I also add that there is now an evil toddler on "Passions"?

Mister Teacher said...

Is he by any chance related to Alex P. Keating?

Sorry, I don't follow politics at all...

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

At least-- it's not Inhofe! Tulsa's not-so-secret shame!!!!!