Sunday, November 19, 2006

Where The Sweet Potato Casserole Is

I've had several conversations in the past weeks about the colorful names I know. In thinking of how to blog them, I thought about giving you a list and asking you to pick which ones are fake (If you picked Coon and Ollie Pearl, you're wrong!). I thought about telling you the story of my PaPa's brothers and all their nicknames (The oldest one, his Christian name was Buster. He went by Bully...). All these hypothetical entries existed only so I could share the response deadpanned to me by The Crib Chick...

How do you not live in a Billie Letts novel?

I probably do, and talking through this year's Thanksgiving Road Show/Grief Tour (tm) with my sister confirmed it.

Educat: So dinner is at Granny's and we're taking it to her.
Edusis: Yeah, then we need to go by familyfriend's because Texas Nana is in
town. We're taking a pie. After that, we're going to see Bobby.
Educat: Bobby? Bobby who? Do we have to take more pies? Another
Edusis: We're going to see Bobby, the movie.

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"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Toots!