Sunday, October 01, 2006

We've Not Spoken Of Yarn In Some Time, Have We?

Tracey Ullman is a knitter. I cranked up the NPR Friday on the way to work, put the sunroof down, and offended all the children driving with their booming bass. A knitting story on the NPR!! Of course Tracey Ullman knits, I have loved her since I bought that silly album she made in the 80's on vinyl with my saved up allowance. Of course she knits. This has happened to me before, I discover someone with whom I already identify to be all yarn obsessed and get all giddy.

She's co authored a knitting book. Did you know that besides patterns, knitting books have some of the best short prose? Seriously. If they'd let me teach a knitting book to the tenth graders, I think I'd go for Stitch and Bitch. First of all, they'd read it because the word Bitch is in the title and futhermore, the text is geared more toward the younger set. Then, I wonder, if instead of suggesting all the movies we could watch in class (Anyone else get that? Ohmigosh Ms E!! We could totally watch this five hour epic film because it is in English and this is, in fact English class!!!), they'd say "Hey, could we knit that scarf in class? Maybe on a Friday??"

Oh, I could dream, couldn't I?


kara said...

ihaven't looked at a blog in months... i have certainly missed yours! how are you?
anything new your way?


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

"Stitch and Bitch"--catchy title! You're right: The kids would read it. So, being the dedicated public servant you are, intensely interested in furthering literacy, you should write it. "Stitch and Bitch." Let me know when it's available at Barnes & Noble!

educat said...

Dear me, California Teacher Guy, keep up! It's already been as the kids would say, wri-en! Has been since Sept of 2003.