Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ok, first some business: I am fine. Except when I am not. Then, I am not fine. I can't envision any advice that would fix this situation. There just isn't a solution. Your comments of sympathy and advice are kind, but honestly, I can't take this path in the way any of you have. Email conversations on this topic are welcome, but let's comment along other topics. Thank you for understanding. With that, the news.

Dear me, there is a world outside of the Bible belt!! I am at Smith College in Northampton, MA and have a list of HUGE differences!! Catastrophic differences that make me wonder if I might be able to do without great big iced down peach teas and cokes and MOVE!!!

  • One can walk to anything in this town and even with temps in the 90's and insane humidity, I am quite the happy pedestrian. Did you know it's state law here to yeild for pedestrians? Geez, at home, anyone not driving an SUV is a pedestrian.
  • There are two movie theatres in town and both are art houses. Mmmmm......movies.
  • I'll risk sounding like Ellie Mae Clampett here, but I saw me a play last week that was reviewed by the New York Times! And I mostly agree with the review!
  • The food service guy in our tiny dining hall reads Food and Wine magazine. Often.
  • The grafitti says things like "Biophillic Revolution!"
  • and yes, Virginia, there is yarn.

Expect additions to this's quite an experience. Meanwhile, you might read my new friend's view of the experience.


Barbie said...

LOL OKC can't be THAT bad...please tell it is not?? I am moving there is 2 weeks so don't go scaring me now;-)

Susan said...

I have been wondering this week why we left Seattle and came to OK. And now you have me REALLY wondering what we were thinking.


"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Susan, you came to get out of the rain.

As my uncle once said: "I shore do wish it would rain. Not for me, of course, I've seen it. But for my seven year old."

Well, Oklahoma City (or "THE City" in western Oklahoma parlance) is not Tulsa, but it tries!

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh! Thanks!

I moved out of the Bible belt a few years ago, and ain't it the truth! The only thing I miss is sweet, strong iced tea, with enough sugar to make that spoon stand up straight all by itself.

You forgot to add a healthy celebration, not mere tolerance, of difference in lifestyle, be it racial, religious, ethnic or whatever.