Monday, May 29, 2006

Prayer. Maybe The First In A Series.

I have a lot lot more to say about prayer right now, but time is scarce and my mind not so good so I'll just tell you about one woman.

A woman came into the ICU Friday night. She had a big crowd with her and they seemed to only be waiting for surgery but as night came and the surgery crowd thinned out, they moved a sofa bed into the waiting room and it became clear they were in, like many of us, for the duration (except with furniture).

She never really assimilated with the rest of us. When anyone would speak to her, she'd declare loud and long that she was here for a miracle! That there was no way that God could take her son because she'd lived a good life!! She claimed that her family was in talks with the Oprah show to showcase their miracle!!

Saturday in the middle of the night, I was walking back from a visit with my dad. I saw her in the hall and looked her in the eye with a smile. She returned the smile. "I have someone I want you to meet."

You know where this is going, don't you? How do I get around this? If I refuse to meet her son on the grounds of respecting their privacy, then I seem rude. But going to see someone else's child in ICU?

I went. It was one of those split second decisions and who knows if it was right, but there I was. I washed up, went in, and stood silently beside the bed while she told me his story. He's a man my age with the stunted growth of someone with lifelong kidney issues. He barely made a dent inn his bed and had recently suffered a battle with cardiac arrest. After the story, I thanked her for sharing the story of her strong son, patted her arm, and left uncomfortably.

She didn't get her miracle. Or maybe she did. Her son passed away last night and it's been quiet in the waiting room. I wonder if somehow that woman's prayers for a miracle could somehow be translated into grace and peace for this family.

And I hope they are.


Blair J. Andress said...

You know, I have to believe that they were in fact answered... just not the way that the woman and her family probably wanted them answered.

When my wife's father was dying with cancer, there was a picture that gave him great comfort and peace. Maybe you have seen it... it is the one that has Jesus ascending into heaven, and he is carrying a guy dressed in contemporary clothes... obviously someone from this era.

Towards the end of his struggle, my wife heard him in his room causing quite a racket. When she went in, he was throwing pillows and anything within reach at the picture. She tried to calm him down by reminding him how much he liked the picture.

He turned to her with tears in his eyes and told her, "You don't understand... I have seen Him... and He doesn't look like that! Take it down!"

My father-in-law... now, he was a man that experienced a miracle.

Praying for you and yours...

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Peace upon her and her family.

And peace to you, too, doll. Hope you are getting some rest, and that the EduDad is surrounded by those who love him....

educat said...

Thank you.

Ms C, I might get more rest if it wasn't for the entire population of a small Western Oklahoma town who has taken up residence to see one of their favorite sons through some brain trauma. Granted, it's horrible and tragic and they have the right to laugh but I swear to God, it sounds like they're about to jump on the couches and start chanting "WE'RE NOT LEAVING TIL WE'RE GREIVING!!!".

I might hafta go visit with them. I want to visit with them real good.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Ooh, do they say "Walgrins" and "pickup" and "maysure" (for measure) and "awl" (for oil)? They must be some of my kin! Never a more inappropriate bunch will you ever meet!

Ah say, get yoreself a pea-shooter and wait for it to get quaht.