Monday, April 24, 2006

There's No Testing This Kind Of Stuff

I have been in poorer schools than my present assignment. We don't get everything we want, but mostly we have what we need. I am given plenty of chances to write grants for extra stuff and have a few funding sources to tap when I have a new idea. I think I appreciate that more today having been in schools where there was no supply money or book funds or grant sources.

I am playing around on a site that helps potential donors choose a project in the public schools to support and will feature one every once in a while.

If you choose to search for a project on your own, I'd love it if you send word on the projects you choose to support. Here's the first one I am choosing...

Support students from the High School for Global Citizenship in Brooklyn as they raise funds for a summer trip to Heifer International's Learning Center in Perryville, Arkansas. Your donations will help pay for airfare to and from Arkansas. At the High School for Global Citizenship ( students develop an "active awareness of the connections between our local experiences and the rest of the world." The trip to Heifer International's ranch will support the school's goals by helping the students grow as individuals and gain valuable insights into world hunger, sustainability, cooperation, and how to stay cool in June in Arkansas. Everyone will return to Brooklyn with important insights to share with family, members of the HSGC community, and people in the broader communities through which we are all linked.

Heifer International ( is a non-profit relief organization dedicated to helping people living in hunger and poverty around the world achieve self-reliance through just and sustainable development. The participants from HSGC will spend the week gaining invaluable first-hand experience with the sources of their food by working with different animals representing Heifer's various international efforts and by helping with chores on the farm. They will learn what it is like to live as different groups of people around the world live through spending one of the nights in Heifer's Global Village immersion program. The week will be filled with other hands-on, fun, interactive activities that will broaden their minds and hopefully touch their hearts. This trip will provide a lifetime of experiences and memories as these students expand their horizons beyond Brooklyn and become caring, active, engaged contributors to our society and to the ever-shrinking world we live in.

There are twelve students and two adults participating in the trip. Your donations are vital for making this trip a possibility for all of them. Thank you very much for your help.

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