Monday, April 17, 2006

Testing And Brutal Crime Colors A Holiday

It has all nearly ruined me again.

Yesterday in church found me hearing a sermon about "The Amazing Images of the Resurrection". Geez louise, amazing?? Is the best you can do to use the most devalued word in the entire English language? After I have sweated out the week talking about synonyms for that Very. Same. Word. thatverysameword!?!?!

I wrote about sixty synonyms for amazing on my bulletin (which was actually a somewhat worshipful experience). I also spent the time pondering their choice to change "wretch" in Amazing Grace to "sinner". The connotative meaning is so much greater for wretch! Such a vivid word choice!

The writing test is tomorrow and we are 1/3 done with testing. I shall shut up soon.

We enjoyed a very swank Easter brunch, but that enjoyment was curbed pretty severely as my Granny spent the majority of the meal regaling the details of a gruesome local tragedy. At one point, I begged her to "please stop talking about the meat tenderizer when the meat course is on the way!!!".


The Queen said...

I prefer the version with wretch myself.

Inheritor of Heaven said...

This wretch is reminded of Martin Luther commenting on "Christmas". He said it was not so much miraculous as it was marvelous. Since God can do ANYTHING it is not much of a miracle for him to show up on earth in human flesh. But to show up as a baby, weak as an earthworm...that is a marvel. Plus the fact that he didn't just toast the whole human race and have a do-over. Instead deciding to become in every way like us excluding sin and then, taking all our sin onto himself. Yep, marvel is a much better word than miracle just as one of your kajillion synonyms is better than awesome.