Monday, April 03, 2006

Springy List Of Happy

...dang. That was supposed to be a draft and not a published half post (if you haven't got a post, then a hay-post will do...). Ok, here it is for real.

I hardly even missed that hour of sleep Sunday night, and look! Now I have that hour at night! Now I leave school and have to wear sunglasses!! Praise the heavens I shan't wear socks again until October!!!

And with that improved worldview comes such good news!

  • I was accepted to the National Institute for Teaching Shakespeare! I am one of 26 teachers spending a month at Smith College being all academic and Shakespearean! Sing Hi! Sing Ho! For my theatre degree shall be put to use!!!
  • The evil quagmire of testing has eased a bit. All the benchmark scores have been fed into the magical computer program and my students are doing....well, the same as all the other English II students in the school. Gone is my worry that I am only a pretend English teacher who nabbed this certification on some sort of crazy happenstance. We're average!! And come testing, we'll be slightly above!!!
  • I have even begun to joke about the testing with district officials! Witness an email sent to my district English coordinator...
I am in the process of making up the benchmark (or BM) to several students who
have missed. So, three students are taking BMs in my room right now. When they
finish their BM, I will put it in an envelope and send it to you.

She laughed, which just proves that there is good in the world.


SW said...

Just wanted to say congrats on your acceptance to what looks like a really cool program (for you, at least... can't imagine myself there, can you?!)

Scott Jones said...


I didn't get a blog anniversary card.

educat said...

Check your inbox, Scott.

Perhaps by next year the Blog-Anniversary card will be a recognized genre.