Monday, April 10, 2006

Fool For Testing, Fool For Television, CooCoo for Cocoa Puffs

I was nearly on television tonight. The ABC affiliate send their local boy out to cover an accident I was in involving a sparking, nearly flaming tire falling off a semi, my stopping to avoid it, and my subsequent rear-end collision. The girl who hit me was a teenager in her first accident. I am fine, my car is probably fine. No one was injured, we're all a bit windblown from having spent nearly an hour standing on the highway overpass.

Somehow, when the cameraman asked if I would answer his questions, I said yes. I am sure I looked every bit like the fool that I am. I swear I almost used my camera time to hold forth on the idiocy that my job has become for all this testing. I didn't, and the story didn't air on the 10:00 news, so I share my foolishness only with the slightly narrower audience here.

What's even dumber was how late I was working. Tomorrow is my day to review all 225 English II students on figurative language and commas and I left school at 8:30. Perhaps dumbest of all is how after calling 911, I called another English II teacher to tell her that if I didn't make it, I left all the copies in my department chair's classroom and to please make the overhead with the vocabulary.

Fool, fool, foolity fool. I am a fool who should move to a city with mass transit.

Please pay a visit to this dear woman, who witnessed my foolery after a google search and was kind enough to appreciate it. She appears to be a kindred spirit.

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Scott Jones said...

Did I tell you about hitting the city backhoe?