Thursday, March 02, 2006

When They Pull Me Off The Bell Tower, And Wonder Why I Was Yelling, You Can Tell Them This

Today in 3rd hour---

  • One student was absent for the first half of class because he wenthome after 2nd hour (he refuses to school). He tried to sneak back in as we went to the library. I saw him and noticed it aloud to a principal standing nearby. His coach was called and given the amount he will have to run, I figure him to be vomiting about 1 hour after I caught him.
  • Mean Girl #2 came back late from lunch smelling like a campfire because her brother called her (!?) to tell her that the nearbyhousefire was their grandma's house. Mean 2 was worried because her Grandma is old (53!!!) and recently had a stroke (she is fine, by the way).
  • Perhaps my moment of greatest clarity occurred when I refused to engage withan argument with Mean Girl #1 over whether or not her loud pronouncement that "My elbows need lotion!" was actually talking and if she really should get a zero on her quiz for talking. I merely left it at "If you had to use the word 'said', you were probably talking."

My planning period followed this debacle. I shut my door, turned ononly my desk light, and hoped no one would find me.


Teaching in Saskatchewan said...

I took away a grade 3 student's science test for talking . . . before we had even started writing the test! I felt too guilty, and ended up letting her write it, but at lucnhtime.

Declan's Mom said...
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Declan's Mom said...

I love your blog. I'm a student teacher and I've been in 'classroom management' hell this week. I teach 8th graders and EVERYTHING is a power-struggle with 13 year olds!

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Calgon, take me away! I having more of those types of days myself. Spring Break where are you?