Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This Is Only Funny Because It Isn't Me

My favorite Asst Principal accidentally locked himself in his office today.

With a SpEd kid he just suspended.

And his SpEd teacher.

They had to remove the hinges from the door.


Anonymous said...

giggle giggle


sweet potato

Inheritor of Heaven said...

Thanks, needed a hearty laugh after correcting Geometry tests...was a lil down after that but the principal stuck in his own room...excellent!

I actually had a similar experience through no fault of my own. The custodian was fixing my door at the end of the day and ended up putting a pin in the wrong way...yep...stuck in my own room (after the custodian was long gone). Luckily that year they had installed phones in each classroom so I called a colleague to get me out.

The Queen said...

Oooh, isn't that . . . special!