Monday, March 20, 2006

It's Not Comedy If It's Quoted Directly

"Hey, Ms. Educat, I didn't get my work finished over Spring Break because I was gone on mission trip the whole time."

"Ok, let's get it done this week. Tell me about your mission trip, where did you go?"

"(name of town totally escapes Ms Educat), Mississippi."

"Oh, wow. That's great. I hear things are still pretty devistated there. I bet that was some good work"

"Yeah, we were in a pretty nice town so it wasn't bad, but we drove out to the coast one day and it looked just awful."

"So what did you do on mission trip if you were in the pretty nice town?"

(looks down and mumbles) "Yeah, I thought about that."

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DesertSurfer said...

I think there should be a book covering all the wild/funny stuff that comes out of kid's mouths.

Last week I was talking to one of my 8th graders (mind you she is a straight A student) and I made some reference to Sigmund Freud.

Well she had this puzzeled look on her face and then she had this look of understanding "Oh that is the guy who got eaten by a tiger"

Then it was my turn to be perplexed until I understood and said "No you are thinking of Siegfried & Roy".

Hey, maybe I will write that book and use as the title "Siegfried & Freud"