Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When Words Fail

I have struggled lately to express all my feelings.

The Crib Chick's father's memorial was yesterday. It was tragic as we lost him all too quickly and too soon, but joyful. I'm planning to let Mrs Chick herself tell the story, but beside all of this sorrow was a celebration of a man whose love of his life and his God could not be contained. The most natural tribute to such a life were the stories that were told by five (seriously, and it didn't seem as long as it sounds) relatives, the last of whom was my friend Crib. Her story, complete with silly voices, drew the remarks, the service, and most importantly this life, to a perfect close.

And I don't know if I said the right words to share that.

At the service, I just cried at her and on the phone after, I could only draw the words to say something like "Dude, that was perfect!" (did I say dude? really??).

So at times like this, when there are no words, nothing says love like this. If you come here via the Chick and have trouble with the right words, just say it with the monkey. And if you love me, please send an ape.

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