Thursday, February 02, 2006

Think Over The Think It Over

At school, are getting ready to enroll for next year. I have an advisory group of 15 kids I will see through the process. I have their transcripts and am setting up conferences with their parents for an evening next week. My group happen to be Junior enrolling for their Senior year, so it's particularly important. With some kids, we are writing stacked schedules with all the academics they hadn't passed and talking about Summer school. For others (most in my group, actually), we are working to beef up schedules, talking about concurrent enrollment, or sometimes finding electives to fill out their schedule.

Today while working with a student who seems not to have passed any History classes so far, I hear a conversation.

Is Marraige and Family hard?

Nah, they talk about relationships and child care and stuff.

Dontcha gotta carry

You don't have to carry the baby. You can write a report.

I'll carry the baby.

You can cheat the baby, you know?


You can put a block of wood behind its head so it looks like you're holding
it. You can also put its diaper over its head instead of feeding it. It's all
done with magnets and the diaper has one."

I decide to step in here, much to the relief of my young Historian.

So, you stick wood behind the baby's head and rub its face its own magnetic

Ummm...yeah? It's not real or anything.

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Killired said...

I think that if I were to have high school students babysit my kids for one day, they would NEVER have unprotected sex again! They can be sooooo wild... the 2 and 4 year old will probably grow up to be professional wrestlers at their rate... they're rough, they're sassy, they're energetic, they're normal... but I guarentee that kids would think twice after being with mine for 1 day!
(I have 3 boys, ages 2, 4 & 6)...