Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Read My Lips, No New Needlework

...or maybe not.

Do you have any idea how badly I want to embroider after seeing this site? Imagine, tea towels with monkeys!! Or grumpy vegetables!!!
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I am afraid it might happen.

Even Cross Stitch holds some appeal after finding this.

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Your Knitting Instructor said...

Ms. Educat - Remember! Cross-stitch patterns can double as knitting patterns. I think the
"#@%&!!!" would look fabulous worked up in CottonEase. You could frame it as shown here or repeat the pattern for 4 or 5 feet for a fabulous scarf. Just imagine how impressive this would look emblazoned across your latest sweater or poncho!

Jim said...

That link made my day. Awesome!

educat said...

Knitting Instructor--Charts!?! Dear me, your faith in me is astonishing!! It will take time, all that right to left and upside down reading is a bit much now.

But I shall one day proudly show you my first profane knitted garment.