Monday, February 13, 2006

If A Huge Stuffed Animal Floats To The Ground Suspended By Ballons In The Woods, Did It Really Happen?

I'm just cranky.

It's not Valentine's Day that has me rankled. In fact, I just got the best Valentine in a while from the only people required to love me, my parents. I have agreed to release Ms Educat's After School Club for Kids Who Don't Read Good (MEASCFKWDRG) early so the dating and such can commence. Hell, I even had a date last week (not a high pressure event, but if you call eating food with a man who opens doors and smiles a date and I do, then it was). So let it not be said that I, Educat, Fairy Spinster, is cranky because of Valentine's Day, because I am not.

But is it really necessary for every teenager to celebrate their love at school and in public? Today when a child showed up for MEASCFKWDRG to tell me she was leaving to take a math quiz and I questioned how she spent the 15 min she had before class, she was shocked when I hinted that perhaps with so much to do, she ought not to have spent all that time with her boyfriend (who usually waits outside my door on the off chance she will go to the restroom anyway).

Tomorrow, my room shall be ablaze with big-ness. Big flowers, big stuffed animals, big excuses to leave the room to pick up such things from the office and big requests for three people to go to said office together, because all these tokens happen so EVERYONE ELSE CAN SEE THEM. We have already been told to tell our students that they cannot ride the busses with balloons and other such big-ness as they will obstruct the view of the driver.

Here's what I propose: Next year, as a fundraiser, we will temporarily (or perhaps permenantly) tattoo the heads of children to read "Someone Has Noticed Me! Please Do The Same!".

If you love me, give me a Valentine that's small.


Anonymous said...

So consider this a small Valentine :)

Scott Jones said...

St. Valentine's Day was always far worse in high school than at any point since.