Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Didn't Intentionally Aim My Bullet-y List At You

So now you that worry for my friend is another source of my cranky (see! It wasn't Valentine's Day!). It's the week to turn in grades, enrollment paperwork, our annual ten page survey for CareerTech, and have a whopping two faculty meetings.

Everything, EVERYTHING, is getting to me today.

For example,

  • Science, and not just my own sense of doom, now indicates that I will die alone like a dog.
  • It seems that standardized testing will soon hit higher ed and now our quest to legislate the least influential factor in the learning patterns of a young adult will be complete!
  • He said what!?!?!
  • While searching for resources on this film, I somehow Google-tripped to another site with fine religious art and enjoyed my biggest belly laugh of the day.
  • Our mandated "let's all talk about improving our already great school!" meeting brought to the surface one faculty member whose greatest worry was that our geographically based lunch schedule (first lunch is A, B, and C halls, etc) created too large a group for his particular teacher's lounge and therefore should be scrapped.
  • And with all that crowding in the lounge (which I somehow never have time to visit), evidently one teacher decided the microwaves were "too dangerous" and carried them off, leaving a note on the dangers of the microwave.
  • I just threw those last two in so you'd see that others are handling their pressure with equal style and grace.


Scott Jones said...

You need a party.

Unknown said...

I agree with mr. jones. You do need a party, with microwaved meatballs in BBQ sauce. Apparently there is a subversive little group at my school who are making t-shirts lampooning our pricipal's stress on rigor and relevance. They make their debut President's Day, on which we have to attend inservice (just like we did on M.L.K. Day)