Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I Don't Say I'm No Better Than Anybody Else, But I'll Be Damned If I Ain't Jist As Good!*

The Crib Chick sends humbling and wacky news. She frequents a Classical Homeschooling message board often. They have a great educator's community--it seems to do for her work what my cherished nerd camps do for me.

So it seems that The Mental Multivitamin was speaking of the BoBs (where you too can vote once a day until the 30th!) and sharing the good news that several board regulars were nominated. As she listed nominees who were "friends of the board", she mentioned me as a "familiar face"!

I really am flattered to be familiar to a group of Classical Homeschoolers. For all the basic differences in the way we spend our day, we value many of the same things. Sometimes, I am sure that reading my stories affirms their choice to teach their kids at home, but I do hope that sometimes something here resonates with them.

"You know what this is like?" from Crib Chick in her phone call
tonight. "It's like that song. What is it? The Farmer and The Rancher...?"

"No, it's the Cowman. The Farmer and the Cowman should be friends. And you
know the chorus? 'Territory folks should stick together'. And that's what this
is. We're territory folks."

So thanks for reading, homeschool chums. And thanks for the mention, M-mv. You got a click from me today.

*Note that all bad spelling and grammar in this title is, in fact, part of the lyric and should not be counted in any evaluation of my spelling (just in case you're checking, BoB).

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Susan said...

I think, sometimes, about home schooling my children. But then I remember that teaching them how to make a really good Bloody Mary isn't actually home schooling.

I'm so glad you're out there.