Monday, January 23, 2006

Art Saves Another Monday

Today, for my job that paid me money, I got to talk about this quilt all day.

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“The Quilting Party at Arles”, Faith Ringgold

We talked about Van Gogh and women planting seeds of freedom like flowers. We talked about the love and care involved in crafting an heirloom and how we should care for the equality that these women crafted.

Lovely. They don't even know yet that they'll relate this to an Alice Walker story tomorrow.


Susan said...

What's the story? Is it the one about the sisters and the quilts? (DUH! But what's the NAME?)

finijo said...

Everyday Use is my favorite Alice Walker story. It freed me to use and really enjoy family heirlooms, instead of just tucking them away for God only knows what. What a gorgeous quilt.

educat said...

...and that's the one we read, Susan.

The kids couldn't articulate why they thought Maggie should have the quilts, they just knew they were supposed to like her. I am working on pulling this out of them.