Monday, December 12, 2005

Yeah, There's More Going On, But It's Easier To Quote Students...

  • Overheard in class by King of the ADHD whose monologue is entirely external.
(walks to trash can, dripping ink and muttering) "Well, that was fun while it
lasted, but I'm never gonna play with a busted pen again."
  • Actual conversation in class while discussing End Of Instruction Exam, Part II.

Educat: "So, we'll meet in our testing room, then we'll go to the cafeteria
for breakfast."

Kid: "What's for breakfast?"

Educat:"Bagels, cream cheese, bacon, and gogurt."

Another Kid:"Bacon flavored gogurt?"

Educat:"Umm, no."

Yet another kid altogether:"Will there be cotton candy?"

An entirely different kid:"Oooh, and pony rides? And a merry go round?"

It's another kid, but he sounds like all the rest:"And turnips!?!"

The last kid to speak:"Turnip flavored gogurt????!!!!"

Perhaps we have gone too far with all those testing incentives.


Scott Jones said...


this made the day worth getting out of bed.

educat said...

Oh, Scott. Thanks, but when you say that at 5:41 pm, it makes me worry for your day!

Scott Jones said...