Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Kids Say The Darndest Things

  • "You mean to tell me that Jesus Christ was Jewish?!?!?!"

After I noticed a blonde-haired, fair skinned baby Jesus on a Christmas decoration, I commented on the irony. Babygirl was shocked to hear that Jesus might be other than Caucasian. I told her the Jewish Christ was evident from every read of scripture I have tried.

  • "You just need to know that you are the reason I am missing ten days of school!"

This from the young lady who recieved a referral for walking out of State Mandated Testing proclaiming it to be "Bullshit" (and while I agree with her, not such a good idea).

  • "I am not going to work on this outside of school because I sleep every day when I get home and I don't need your help on this (group) assignment so stop trying!"

Sparky's major group assignment is a week late.

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