Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Week In Silly Crap

-Selling tickets to the football game, a former student came to my window. He took Debate with me and was clearly in over his head. I pushed him while trying to help him understand the work and never knew if it did any good. I got a very perverse answer to my question that night.

"Ms. Educat! I saw Plato on a commercial! On TV!!"

"Really, what was he selling?"


I guess we all have to moonlight sometimes.

-Same football game, guy comes to my window. Very much in shape and well (if not overly) groomed. Immaculate eyebrows. Tan. Black fitted T shirt that said "Dolce and Gabanna Parfum". So I think I have him figured out, right? I sell him his tickets and when he speaks to me, it's wretched grammar and a Slingblade accent! It's like Carl got a Queer Eye Makeover! It's like Scott's story in reverse!

-After seeing the Fall musical at school last night, I have decided that my ideal cast of Into The Woods would feature Gary Busey as The Mysterious Man. Then he'd stop The Baker in the woods and be all, "Looking for a cow? Cow means Can Obtain Wealth. And you can!!".

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