Tuesday, November 01, 2005

If You Mess With Me, I Will Totally Cut You On The Internet--Now With A Guilt Induced Edit

I had to go Cobra Neck today.

I am in the process of getting approved by my insurance for a perscription (because you know those educated, medical doctors, they're car-azy!! Not like insurance companies!!). Yesterday, I spent my entire plan time on the phone (mostly on hold) just to get the insurance people to send a fax to the Doctor so that he can explain my silly perscription.

So today, as recommended, I call the doctor to verify that they have said fax. After waiting on hold, I get Slingblade in the referral office.

"Uuuuhhh, I don know whur your fayux is. Wait, uhhhh...damn. You gon have to call back."

Please be aware that I do not use the Southern-esque accent to make her sound dumb. Her words do that job nicely. I myself bear a wee bit of the twang. No accented Americans were harmed in the writing of this post.

I can't call her back, I am a teacher on planning period. It goes like this for a while. I can't convince her that she could use my case number and insurance information. She asks me if I have tried anything else.

Did you get that? She asks me if I have tried anything else. Like I don't leave that to the discretion of my Medical. Effing. Doctor!!!

Yes, I respond. Furthermore, the doctor wrote me that prescription and I thought that perhaps that meant it was okay to fill.

I have a message from her now on my phone. I will check it when there aren't thirty children in the room.

Who can all speak better English than the gal in referrals.

Thank you, internets. I feel better now.

I feel even better now that it is resolved and I realized a few things. I am fortunate. I am fortunate to have even bad insurance and a job that covers it. I am fortunate to be able to pay my copay. I know this. I also know that Slingblade is fortunate that I have this job and didn't come after her.

Now I really feel better.


Nicole said...

You oughta try to get mental health care. GRRRRR... Insurance companies get all crazy about that!

educat said...

Nicole, that is what makes me most angry of all. I have only dipped my toe in those waters, but I know that if your plan does have mental health coverage, the hoops one must jump through are insane. And so the system becomes insurmountable to those who are least emotionally able to handle it.

When I am Queen of America, if we have to have mental illness, help comes much much easier.

Nicole said...

Ohh yeah, you're right on. Then, trying to get approved as a provider for mental health care, that's even more difficult.