Friday, October 28, 2005

Testing Their Faith

Today every Sophomore that managed to arrive at school by 9am took the PLAN test, a pre-ACT. In one of the demographics questions, the students were asked to identify thier religion (really really not sure why). Here are only two of the questions from my testing room.
Confused Child:"They didn't list Catholic! What if I'm Catholic!?!"
Educat:"Do you think you might pick 'Roman Catholic'?"
Confused Child:"I don't know Roman..mutter mutter..."
Confused Child: "What do I say on this one? I don't know what I am."
PTA Volunteer: "Just put Baptist, all the white people are."


Jim said...

Oh, no! Really? Was that really said?

Susan said...

Now THAT'S funny. Especially when you live where we do--because it is damn near true.

educat said...

It's all true. All very, very true.

Greek Shadow said...

Sometimes you really do wonder how these kids are going to eventually run the country and pay for our social security. That can be the scariest thought of the entire Halloween season.

Inheritor of Heaven said...

Thanks so much for the laugh....I needed it.
(not that in reality it is funny but the way it was presented....wonderful)

Tim said...

I wouldn't count on the social security. Seriously.