Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Joy Of Work

Yesterday was hard and ugly. I felt as if I was moving through jello all day. Grades are coming due and I can't work fast enough, it's a tight month financially and I can't seem to get a reimbursement check out of the office. It's hard to share much enthusiasm for the change in weather when I spend ten hours a day in my classroom--I don't see the weather.

See? I'm just pissy.

So here's what got me through.

Karina came to hear my kid's hearings today. Some of them needed scaring, some just needed affirmation. My favorite illegal needed the affirmation. She's worked like a dog to get her team ready and they've gone along. They know their stuff.

Not every group was going to speak, so there was much excitement about who would get to (or have to) go. When I called the group, her smile alone gave me a chill. When Karina anounced the team's question, my girl's favorite, I felt a few tears. This girl has taken joy in this work. She's telling this class about the ideals and practice of this Country-better than most in the class--and she isn't even a citizen. She dressed up when she didn't have to, her team wanted to get up, she's in her element. I am just glad her element gets to be my room for a time.

Friday is coming and I will leave early. My weekend is a bit freer than usual and I can grade at my leisure. Payday is coming soon and with it Fall break. All of this will sort itself out and when Winter comes, I will trot these kids out to all the Winter nerd contests and hope that others get to see from my kids the moment I got today in class.

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