Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another Homage

So many hits to the blog already looking for news of the late Nipsy Russell.

Don't even come to me for entertainment news. Seriously, I am a silly blog. I am not a news source.

So in homage, I will repost just a part of a post I wrote nearly two years ago.

I remember watching game shows as a kid in the 70's with my sister and
grandmother. It was our only together time when she would babysit us
as the
afternoon brought time for "her stories" and I would go outside
to read a
book and my sister would...wreck something (she is really a
charming woman
now but she had this "boy my parents never had" stage).

We would
answer questions along with her and she would
marvel at our brains.
"Someday" she would promise "I am going to take
you girls to Hollywood and
we will go on those game shows and make a
million dollars because you girls
are so smart!' I knew enough about
long car trips at age 8 to know that this
would truly be a nightmare
but my sister recently shared that she actually
believed Grandmother.

This brings me to Nipsey Russell. The website for Mr.
Russell's talent agency
refers to him as "The Poet Laureate of
and I remember with fondness the poems he would write on Match
Game '76.

The truth is I only wrote this to confound the Blogger Ad Gnome (back in those days, children, you got targeted ads based on the content of your blog). But watching game shows with Grandmother, that was true.

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