Saturday, September 10, 2005

Why I Had The Best Ticket Booth Sales Partner Ever Last Night

Two Exchanges...

Child arrives at game during 3rd quarter. His hair is artfully shaggy and shellacked. He is in two layered polo shirts and both collars are up. It is all arranged to inform you that he is cool. He is on his cell phone.

Child: Uhhh...Can't you get into the game for free at halftime?
Sales Partner: No, sorry, you can't.
Child: Last year we could.
Partner: No, I don't think you could.
Child: Uh, yeah! I think I did.
Partner: No, you didn't, and don't be a smart ass.

I am out getting popcorn. It is halfway through the 3rd quarter. Young lady comes to window.

Young Lady: Do you take debit cards?
Sales Partner: No, sorry, we only take cash or a check in a pinch.
Young Lady: You're not serious!?!
Sales Partner:Sorry, we can't take debit cards.
Young Lady: This is ridiculous! At my High School, we don't even have to pay to go to games!!
Sales Partner: Maybe you should go to that game, then.


Melissa said...

Hahaha. :-)

Winderweedle said...

Yeah, totally. Being at that game was kind of surreal. Made me wonder how I ever had a job where I got paid to care about them on any level. I'm still undergoing cootie treatments...

Scott Jones said...

I was the popcorn popper at our high school football concessions stand. We got in free, and could go watch the game whatever half we weren't working. The speech did the concessions.

Joe said...

I used to sale tickets at the soccer games in high school. I used to get people who would try and get in for free. They had no clue who I was during school but when they needed something they knew me very well. Ah, good times, especially when the popular girls would flirt in order to try and get in.