Monday, September 19, 2005

When He Starts Therapy, He Will Be Glad This Story Is On The Internet So He Can Just Hand His Shrink The Link

I am walking up the stairs of my classroom (half a lecture hall with student desks on three levels and my desk at the bottom) to the door when a normally quiet kid looks at me with big shiny eyes and a sugar stained mouth.

"Ms. Educat, guess what!? I discovered taffy this weekend at the

"It's lifechanging, isn't it? I know, I've traveled the Ozarks."

(Seriously huge, infectious smile on the kid) "Yeah."

Welcome to serious food problems, darling boy.

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finijo said...

Heaven help him if he ever gets his hands on peanut brittle from Juanita's Candy Kitchen in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. He'll never be the same.