Thursday, September 22, 2005

What's The Difference?

Sometimes, just for kicks, I listen to conservative talk radio. I like to test my reflexes and see where I fall on the "moderate to liberal" scale.

Today, they were all a-flutter about the Hurricane Rita evacuation. I am following the story. My Aunt and Cousin left Houston yesterday while my Uncle, a Houston police officer, has to stay behind. So a man called in from Houston (never caught how, I think he moved to Houston and feels a strong enough tie to the station that he'd call in? I dunno.). He couldn't get out and the host was nothing but sympathetic. "Oh, traffic is horrible, of course you can't leave!"

On my way home today, the station was carrying a feed from a network affiliate in Houston. Make no mistake, the traffic and weather were fascinating. I breathed a prayer for my Uncle and was grateful that my Aunt and Cousin were safe.

But I can't help but contrast the coverage to that of Hurricane Katrina. Wasn't this the self same station that was outraged at the sense of entitlement to the folks at the Superdome? Were these the same people who chastised the people of New Orleans who remained in town on the Monday after the storm. "Why didn't they just leave?", they exclaimed.

What's the difference? I can't come up with much but racism tied up in class-ism. I am willing to stand corrected, what have I missed?


Jim Jannotti said...

Oh, and you forgot about how N'awlins was such a den of iniquity that it deserved even worse than it got. This is God's judgement after all. Didn't you know that?

Whereas Houston. Well, that's in God's home state!

Busy Mom said...

My thoughts and prayers for your Uncle's safety!

sexy said...