Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Tale Of Hot Teacher On Office Supply Love

Before I had a blog and only launched into righteous fits of anger to friends, family, and co workers; I had a retail manager refer to how easy it is to take a day off from teaching. "After all," she said, "I can't just call up a sub.".

It's better for the whole of society that I didn't have a blog that night.

I stayed at work til about eight last night getting ready to be at a workshop today and when I came back in the afternoon for my afterschool tutoring job, I was treated to a scathing narrative of my kid's indiscretions. Here's what's odd, I wasn't much worried about crazy children today.

Here is what I found myself worrying about today....

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI have waited since the first week of school for my office supply order. I have fought with manual staplers for a year or so and decided to spend most of my room allowance and treat myself to this beauty. They finally delivered it on Monday (Nevermind why it took over a month to deliver, it's a tale of office incompetence that isn't as important now), and my kids started finding things to staple where there had been none. Never had so many papers needed to be attached to so many other papers. Staplestar did quite a bit of work and I feared that in my absence, they might attempt to staple that which should not be stapled.

Staplestar was safe. It turns out that I am presently fighting a battle with admin regarding punishment for those who offended in my absence. Testify for me, reader-friend, when a child who plays the fool in my classroom is sent to our school's in house pokey--but only during my class, what is the message that it sent? Seriously, throw out your best guess. I have sent my thoughts to the administrator in question (Lover not Fighter, I have spoken of him before) and am awaiting his response. Tomorrow shall be a new day and we shall frolic among the vocabulary words. And when life gets me down, I shall staple.

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Inheritor of Heaven said...

One message might be "If I don't like Ms. Educat's class all I have to do is fool around and voila I will get a well deserved day off."