Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pimpdaddy and Dang Give A Real Life Account Of The Day With A Sub with no attempts to correct their spelling, Notes from my class.
From Pimpdaddy--
Yesterday was an omonous day, full of triumphs and failures. Who am I kiding well 'I' was good, in fact alot of people were acting bad but evil was at work as this girl from a class far, far, down the hall came in and made a disturbence. As in 'disturbence' I mean she was cusing, yellingm and turning off the lights. Plus Dang just kept laughing which got anoying.
How do I know Pimpdaddy was right?
Quoth Dang--
It was my favorite day in here by far. It was a wonderful day. Kids got their work done. We talked a lil bit and had a blast.


The Crib Chick said...


Well, it sounds as though Dang is a very happy child. Can he help it if his effervescence spills over onto innocent bystanders?

Cheryl said...

That is too funny. Gee, can't wait to get my own classroom. And I'm SO glad I decided I don't have time to sub.

Scott Jones said...

Okay, I tried to do an Educat-styled humourous story post entitled "Festival Etiquette." Tell me what you think.

And I NEVER see you. We need to hang sometime.

Oh, and the word verification actually appears something like a word this time: hawdoe.

Hawdoe: n. a type of primitive weapon used by the Masai; v. to saute rapidly at extreme temperatures, as in "Would you like that fried, baked, blackened, or hawdoed?"; slang, an enthusiastic greeting of one's posse as in "Hawdoe!"

educat said...

Crib o' mine, I think I have turned a corner that I still appreciate Dang even after that awful day. Remember when you came home from Europe and commented how much I had softened? I am even softer now. Downright squishy.

Cheryl, as crappy as it is, I think subbing is a necessary evil. You make great job contacts and earn some stripes. It's the real-est boot camp there is.

Scott, I am on my way to admire your writing. And you are right, I long for the time I can wish the whole Hee Haw gang a hearty "Hawdoe!". Does it help you to know I have spent almost zero time with anyone over 18 in the last few months? It's not you, it's me.

My word verification--
lfawthy--French for "The Fawthy" as in "Tonight on my way home, my tire blew out on the highway. How glad I was to pick up le cell phone and call lfawthy for help."

That, by the way, is a true story. All but the French.

Wasp Jerky said...

No words of wisdom from my friend Vitamin R? What's your classroom coming to?