Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Know At The Onset: I Too Am Laughing

Behold the danger that ensues when grading is mostly caught up.

This site promises to show you your celebrity lookalikes. Did I ever really buy it? No, I did not, but as I am a sucker for internet fun, I posted this...

Image hosted by

Note the results and wonder if analogia was trying to sell me something...

Image hosted by
Catherine Bell, Actress

Image hosted by
Ana Beatriz Barros, Model

Image hosted by
Amelia Vega, Miss Universe 2003


Jim Jannotti said...

I saw a similar thing on another site a while back. I was going to post my results until I saw that my celebrity look alike was Jennifer Connelly.

educat said...

Don't be ashamed, Jim. Jennifer Connelly is stunning.

This one does have a "male" button. I considered it for a moment, wondering if my results would be more realistic.

Cheryl said...

Ha!! I, the original blonde, blue-eyed, flourescent white-skinned girl look like.... (drum roll, please...) Sophia Loren!

Susan said...

You DO have Catherine Bell's smile.

Why no blondes, you think?

Susan said...

Okay, I'm back--I did it, and you and I BOTH matched with the two Girls No One Has Heard Of (the model and Miss Universe or whatever she is). My third match was Keri Russell.

So you really ARE my internet twin! Let's have coffee.

The Crib Chick said...

I think they're doing it based on the smile and/or the eyes.

I'm afraid to do it; what if Phyllis Diller pops up? Surely they've had the decency to remove anyone who might crush someone's self-esteem, right?

Karina. said...

I tried it with a couple different photos. One had me looking like Cher. One had me looking like Anna Kournikova. One has Helen Hunt and Soleil Moon Frye. And, just for kicks, the men I look like are Bill Paxton, Eric Idle, and some other guy.

Wait a minute - I look like both of the stars from "Twister"! Weird!

educat said...

By way of update: When I chose male for myself, I came up with Luke Perry!

Photos of Phyllis Diller bring comparisons to Christinas Applegate and Aguliera, along with Steffi Graff.

This site would go under if it hurt your self esteem.

Karina. said...

By the way, with the new haircut, I get Scarlett Johansson.

And Bill Paxton. Again.

educat said...

So you and Brady are lookalikes.

You really shouldn't have Bill Paxton with your sidepart.