Tuesday, August 23, 2005


With all this crazy Pimpdaddy talk, I have forgotten to point out the high points.

  • Leg Wrestler comes by often, just to say hi.
  • When I gave the call for kids to consider leaving Debate class (for the sake of space), only five volunteered.
  • The Introduction Letters from English really mostly indicate kids who are eager to please and are at least pretending to be excited to be in my class.
  • I have a child begging me daily to be in Debate.
  • A kid who just graduated came by after her first day of college, just to say hi. She also unpacked far too much nerd far too early for her new roommate by telling her "Oh, yeah, I knit! My Debate coach and the Librarian showed me how!"
  • I have more than once stayed far too long at school while the "just came by to talk" kids are there.

School is great, it's fine. I just need to show a balance with all the Pimpdaddy-ness.

1 comment:

Susan said...

You knit, too? I knew I liked you.

And now you're making me miss those nice kids who used to come hang out in my office. All two of them.