Friday, July 29, 2005

Freakish Real Life Back To School Observation

On Wednesday, July 27th for about one hour in the afternoon, everything we know about student activities in American Public High School crumbled.

The Cheer coach had the Debate team.

Has no one watched Saved By The Bell or read the manual? The Debate coach is the king/queen of all nerds. It cannot happen, it disturbs the balance of the ecosystem!!!

The situation was rectified and no big noisy fuss was needed on my part.


eatmisery said...

I teach for the city and if there were a debate team at my school, the kids would solve it with guns. Yikes!

educat said...

All the more reason to have a debate team! My kids aren't the slickest, but it gives them some power to use their words for constructive good. National Forensics League has begun an urban debate initiative for just that purpose.

When my kids choose to shout rather than use their brains, I ask how that would work if that tactic was used in court. My favorite kid answered, "We would all go to jail!".

You just crystallized why I teach what I teach.