Sunday, June 12, 2005

Now That's Healing!

Dad and I are on the way to my sister's church for early service this morning.

Educat: I haven't eaten anything today, I thought we'd get coffee or
something on the way home.

Dad: We can get Starbuck's at sister's church!

Educat throws a look expressing her slight distaste for navigating the
crowd inside the church for coffee, knowing Dad can't carry anything while on
his walker, and also not caring for the idea of Starbuck's inside the

Dad:'s cheaper? (he switches gears) What if they served
Starbuck's for Communion? You know, I thought a couple of times while I was at
the Church that I should substitute Cran Grape for the Grape Juice.

Educat:The Blood of Christ--and it fights infection!


Anonymous said...

You've wanted comments from me so here goes...
All money made from the sales of Starbucks and everything else in my church's cafe goes to support international and local missions projects. This would include trips to SE Asia to help tsunami victims. This area is still in ruins even though you don't see it in the news anymore, but a group from my church has recently been there to provide medical aid and help with other humanitarian relief efforts. The funds from the cafe also go to help people locally not unlike the working poor that "educat" expressed concern for on Wednesday evening. I could go on and on...
We can only hope that the profits from the coffee you purchased at the local java place went to such a worthy cause.

educat said...

Good, why didn't you ever say that? Are you aware that the presence of Starbucks inside a Church looks a bit like an issue of making the consumer happy rather than helping the poor? Now, it's not. Great. I believe it, I buy it and will unload my wallet there at my next opportunity. But has no one ever asked this question? Seriously, no one? This is the first time you've answered this?

Furthermore, are you implying that rather than buy coffee less than a mile from my house, I should drive to your church for coffee? Surely not.