Saturday, June 11, 2005

Are You There, God? It's Me, Menopause

My sister informs me, with happy shining eyes, that Molly Ringwald is considering a sequal to Sixteen Candles (more confirmation here). Additionally, Francine Pascal (remember Sweet Valley High?) reports in an interview to Bust that she plans to release a novel late this year in which all the SVH gang live in a gated California community (that, irony of ironies, is called Sweet Valley Heights)*.

I feel a bit older now. All of the sudden, my demographic is wants our youth remade with updates on all our childhood pals? I don't know that I really want to know whatever happened to Samantha Baker. What if the the moment on Jake Ryan's dining room table was the high point of her life? What if she ceased to be the wallflower everygirl and now everygirl can't identify with her? Now the movie is ruined! How ruined would Pretty In Pink be if we discovered that Jack Walsh never did get another job? Holy crap, and then when I search for the imdb link for the movie, I find this!

It. Just. Doesn't. Stop.

I don't think I want to be best friends with my movie heroines. I want them in the brief, shining moment--not all the ugly ins and outs of life. I want to end my relationship with Andie and Blaine to end with the kiss at the prom. I want Samantha and Jake only on the dining room table. Monday morning at The Breakfast Club high school just can't measure up.

*For the record, I think I have read one Sweet Valley High book. Let it not be said of me that I am a follower of the series.

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Karina. said...

I'm dubious and, just in case, prayerful. There is hope - for many years, IMDB listed "Heathers 2" in pre-production with Winona Ryder starring. So the IMDB listing is to be taken with a rim of salt. And I think John Hughes will say anything to get his name associated with something current. I watched "Pretty in Pink" this weekend with my mother-in-law. She napped on the couch; I crocheted and longed to be Annie Potts.