Sunday, May 08, 2005

Such A Cryin' Shame

Dinner last night was with the Hendersons at Victoria's, home of the happiest pasta on earth. It's vital to this story that you understand how incredible this place is. All the pasta is homemade and fresh, they show local artists, and there's just a happy funky groove about the place.

So we're eating, making happy food noises and laughing away when about ten high school girls crowd around the table next to us. They pass their cell phones around and giggle while we continue our meal. Soon, the waitress brings out salads for all and ten minutes later they leave their table like this...

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We speculate as to what has happened
  • They are all into that cool new anorexia power and think they just gorged themselves.
  • They found a finger in the salads!
  • They were not only cool enough to know that Victoria's is a good place to be seen but cool enough to know that you don't admit you ate a big plate o' pasta (We are not cool. We ate big plates o' pasta with slabs o' cheese bread).

The real story is (as ever) not nearly as interesting. Our waitress said that they were just the first stop in a progressive dinner. It just hurt me to see all that Caesar-ey goodness sitting on the table.

I took a moment to quietly assess the remains

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The Crib Chick said...

Okay, so does the 'progressive' part come in because someone else comes in and finishes the salads?!?! You've got to be kidding me. What's the joke about the 'Mother's Special''s anything that table over there doesn't eat.

(You know me well enough to understand that I had to gag a little at the thought of folks eating already-dipped-into salads. But it's worth it for...the comedy.)

Scott Jones said...

please don't fail to notice my new comment under the Washington Monument picture.