Sunday, May 15, 2005

Recovery Room Cinema With The Educat And Her Father

Rented Hotel Rwanda to watch with Dad on my Sunday morning care shift. Before the movie starts, we are talking about how the US failed to take action.

Dad--"Do you think it's because it was Africa that the US did nothing?
Educat--"I think the movie talks about that a bit. We don't have a history of doing too much for the brown folk."
Dad--"We don't likes us the brown folk. Sometimes we likes the coffee
colored folk, but only if they latte colored. We don't likes the dark roast..."
Dad goes on for a while waxing on and on about skin color and coffee
Educat--"Um, you miss talking, don't you? Or do you want more coffee?"
Dad--"I think it's the listening that I miss"

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