Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Reading List And Back To Harsh Reality

Just two days ago I was sitting in a bar talking about the Constitution. My new Dominican friend asked me what a social contract was and sat in rapt attention as I explained. We told James Madison stories and I heard perspective on the new Pope from four very different Catholic perspectives.

I came home to my Birmingham reading list on email.

  • A Fire You Can't Put Out - Manis
  • Black In Selma
  • But for Birmingham - Eskew
  • My Soul is Rested, Raines
  • Reaping the Whirlwind
  • Montgomery, A White Preachers Memoir, Graetz
  • The Making of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Modern Civil Rights Movement
  • The Politics of Rage, Dan Carter

They are shipping these books to me soon and any other reading plans I had will fall aside but the suggestion was that if I could find even one of these and start reading, I would be better off.

No problem, I have a wonderful school library right across the hall.

Thanks, Nancy, for taking me from scholar to cow in thirty seconds.

We don't have any of these radical books--what do you think we are--progressive
or something? We do have The Watsons go to Birmingham--1963, but
it is checked out possibly never to return. If you can get it back from
Mr. Nipsy Russell of the 9th grade, more power to you. It was due in
October. Welcome back to the real world!


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Anonymous said...

Well, we have about $4000 worth of books that are currently overdue. Want to be a bounty hunter? Books for yarn?