Friday, May 06, 2005

Not Just Good--Lifetime Television For Women Good!

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We watched ep 1 of Pride and Prejudice today in Humanities just so the kids could get an idea of Jane Austen. It finished with twenty minutes left and they were crying for more. I agreed to let them watch part of ep 2 if they could summarize what they saw.

Princess Grace says---"The mom be wanting them to all marry up and stuff and ol girl really not want to. She more into love. It good, Ms Educat! It like, so good it should be on Lifetime!"


Anonymous said...

I as going to ask you what version of P&P you were showing them- but I see from the picture that you are showing the near-perfect BBC version. Colin Firth. Need I say more?

This story makes me laugh so hard tears come to my eyes. Austen is now deemed GOOD ENOUGH for Lifetime (the channel that makes me really embarrassed to be a woman). Well, maybe it's a start for Princess Grace.

educat said...

There just is no other version for the classroom, don't you think? They needed to understand the whole cultural touchstone that is Colin Firth.