Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Grace Is All Around

Blogging isn't easy. It's actually quite a bit of work. Not only do I have to spin out something entertaining, but I usually have to be sure it's accurate. I don't always succeed. Testify with me...

My sister doesn't always read this blog. I never hid the blog from her but she found it quite by accident once (what with the phenomenon of the sun never setting on OBU and such, I link to someone who links to someone who links to someone and she found me). She reads on occasion. I never know when. This morning, she came by because she knew that since we spent all weekend together, she might get a mention. It turned out she did, but I wasn't clear as to her position.

She thought the praise and worship music at the Rivendell was creepy. She agrees that it's the wrong way to sell a home, no matter what angle you approach it from. She also is no fan of Toby Keith. I don't know if I gave that indication, but it bears mentioning and makes me love her even more.

What I appreciate even more is how she tries to understand me. We have had great civil discussion on the church and how you can keep faith in the institution and she asked me a lot of questions about the shape of my faith. She gets me more than I care to admit, and I am not just saying that because I know she will be reading.

But if she is, I would invite her to join me in blog fun any time. I think my audience would love our famous Oswald/Ruby reenactment or an Emmit Otter film review. We could audioblog an Imperials sing along or the "How Paul Became A Christian" radio show that got you a GA badge. Think it over, will ya?

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