Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Girls Would Turn The Color Of An Avacado When He Cruised Down The Street In His El Dorado

I have spent too much time on what a good day isn't (I have so many examples of what isn't a good day waiting to be blogged. If they still amuse me by the weekend, they might end up here.)and I think it's time to share what it is.

Watching Henri-Georges Clouzot's Mystery of Picasso with my Humanities class is what a good day is.

Nothing on earth should compel High School students to watch this film. It's black and white, subtitled, and its only plot is that of Picasso painting. They loved it. Freaking loved it. It should be noted that when LW saw his first Picasso nude, he cried out, "What must her father think!?"

I need a break from those who suck the best from me only to climb out the classroom window. I am beyond thankful for those who give some of it back.


The Crib Chick said...

Okay, *sold*. I've already been to Netflix and added it to 'ma Q'.

I thank you for the recommend...although *Mr.* Crib Chick probably won't...(I'll try out my new movie justification phrase, 'Hey, at least it isn't 'Phantom of the Opera'...)

educat said...

What fun! I only wish I was there to watch it with you and the bigs. Sgt. Crib will roll his eyes a bit, but you would expect nothing less from a Miss Jennifer recommendation.

The title of the post was for you, friend.

The Crib Chick said...

You know, getting that song to play as background music might just ease the pain of watching such a thing...

"He was only five-foot-three, the girls could not resist his stare..."

educat said...

...consuqently Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole...

...not like you.

Good times. I love connecting my worlds, even if I can't tell it all in class.