Friday, April 08, 2005

Princess Grace Again

You know what? I really like Princess Grace. She has started putting on deodorant before class and she risks death by holding her farts in (as far as I know). She is playing along with me and allowing me to like her.

My entirely Protestant Humanities class has been awash with questions about the Pope. I used my classroom set of USA Today's special Papal edition and today we just read and asked questions.
  • What does the Pope do? Does he preach every Sunday? (they had zero knowledge of the liturgical calendar)
  • Does he tell Catholics what to believe?
  • What do you mean "low church"?
  • You mean no birth control???

It's the first time I had one of these conversations without a Catholic student to defer to, it was a fascinating conversation. I told them to take their papers and offered them the extras if they'd read them. Princess Grace takes her own and an extra.

"I mo give one to my daddy. He cain't answer my questions and he a preacher!"

Princess Grace is a PK. How do I keep liking her more?

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