Monday, April 04, 2005

A Post That Sounds More Morbid Than It Is

This blog and I are having an identity crisis.

I love it for friendships I have made and remade. I sat in church last night listening to a friend I have spoken with in person three times, yet I knew something of most of the personal anecdotes he shared. Why? I read his blog. When I gather with this group of friends we usually don't have to ask, "So, how are you?" because we are reading each other every day.

I love hearing about other teachers. My after school job prevents me from attending faculty meetings and as a result I miss some staff development. I feel like I more than make up for that loss as I read news and best practices on the edu-blogs.

My blog is a place for me to be the stand up comic I never was. I tried stand up once. Once. Blogging allows me that silliness on a much more controlled level. You also aren't expecting a comic tour de force with every entry.

So here's the identity crisis: this blog isn't an edu-blog that shares once in a lifetime best practices or cutting edge news. I just tell goofy stories and reflect. Now that I know students are reading this blog, I wonder if I should stop the stories. I'm not sure that I will but I do know that the stories pass through more filters now than before. When I take the school stories away, I begin to wonder what the blog is.

That said, I don't find myself writing for the sake of writing anymore. I have about five ideas stashed here and there that I plan to dust off and use but the task of polishing those ideas is somehow more labored than before.

I don't know if this is a declaration of change or just a clearing of my head. Either way, internets, I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

I say this with all love:
You damn well better figure out a way to continue blogging because you do NOT have my permission to quit.

Is that understood? Good, dear friend. More shall be discussed over email.


educat said...

No no no! This is not the kind of post where I sound like Eeyore! I think it is just an identity crisis. I might very well have a brainstorm tomorrow and have an entry-palooza.

I'm just saying it's not as easy now and I wish I knew all the reasons why.

educat said...

Besides, if I were to write a blog suicide note, I would make it much much more dramatic. It would be a grand gesture meant for you to beg me to return!

This isn't that, either.

EdWonk said...

It sure would be different for me if I knew that my students were reading....*shudder*

Scott Jones said...

I'm glad you were there. I look forward to us talking in person more.

Yeah, I find as my readership gets ever broader that I use more filters too. When it was just friends old and new, it was different.