Wednesday, March 02, 2005

This Is The Part When The Internet Wishes I Didn't Live Alone So I Would Just Write About Yarn Again

I think that 4:30 pm every day is my unravel time. When Kristen arrives to pick up the SYO, I am nearly undone. How she has not walked in to find me dressed like Baby Jane or sitting at my desk surrounded by vials of my own urine, I do not know.

So today when she arrived, I had just googled a phrase in desperation. Most stressful jobs. Yes, bad logic fans, Google can help you prove anything you want to believe!!! The second link shows exactly what I want to hear.
"Teaching and social work appeared in the top three for both poor psychological wellbeing and physical ill health caused by stress.
The researchers suggested that 'emotional labour' involving face-to-face or telephone contact with clients, and sometimes the suppressing of emotions, was a central factor in what makes a job stressful."

So here I go, not suppressing my emotions.

I think the counselor's office thinks me to be their whore. Bear Witness to an email I had to send.
Child was recently parked in my first hour. Evidently, he got out of his Physics class and was put in Communications to have a place to be. This is what he tells me. He also tells me that he is aware he cannot get credit. This was the only communication I had about Child's placement. He has attended first block once.
That same day, he joined me in 5th block. It was his only day to attend 5th block and on that day I told him how important attendance was and that there is a waiting list to get in. Today he returned as though nothing had happened and he told me he was playing soccer. I don't see this on his schedule, it shows swimming. He uses this excuse for his past absences and his tardiness today. When I asked him about first hour, he continued to charm me with "Oh, I was home asleep. I ain't gonna lie, I'm just sayin'.".
I guess my question here is how patient should I be here? I feel like there might be some story here I need to know before I drop him from 5th block and handle the first block truancy.
Do I not have some part of the puzzle? Why did this child leave AP Physics to get into Communications? Is he in Soccer and therefore should be allowed to miss 5th block (while I am asked daily if I can get another kid into 5th block?)?
Again, help!!!

How I long for an answer. I am telling you, I am gonna post The Ten Commandments in my classroom so all of this will go away.

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