Monday, March 21, 2005

A series, as of names or words, printed or written down: catalog, register, roll, roster, schedule.

...that's what the thesaurus said. I just didn't want to say "list" again. Theme of today's catalog is minor illness and hilarity that ensues.

  • I was hit late Saturday afternoon with a blazing fever. It was the whole cavalcade of grossness; chills, weakness. I hoped to rest it away.
  • I fell asleep with the Food Network on TV and had dreams about the shows that were on. Rachel Ray and I went to the Capitol to lobby for something (I don't remember what, but she was too chatty for my liking), I think I went hiking with the woman from Everyday Italian.
  • I woke with my socks near my head. How did that happen? Why?? Because my feet were on fire!!!! Pies en el fuego!! Flames were shooting from my big feet of fire!!!
  • Sunday was nothing but a hazy day of self loathing. It's not important. Called for a sub.
  • Today I woke feverless! Only the weakness remained and I am sure it was from lack of food.
  • The woman in the grocery store saw my old school circa 1989 Late Night with David Letterman tshirt and asked if I had been on Letterman. Should've said yes.
  • The school secretary hit a trifecta of incompetence by a. losing my lesson plans b. losing my check to renew my teacher's certificate and c. not listening to the announcements to hear that my afterschool tutoring gig was cancelled.
  • A 3pm school email check showed a call from the parent of a tutoring kid. I called as she has proven in the past that her calls are to be returned sooner than asap. After I identified myself she exclaimed in an almost accusatory tone, "Are you at school!? Baby boy just came home and said tutoring was canceled!!". "Yes, ma'am, I am out sick today." "Oh, good. I thought Baby Boy lied to me."

And now, a question of bloggery. My hits are way up today, but I show nothing to reflect those numbers on the "came from" command on my stat counter. I would love a record of your visit, but where did you people come from??

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