Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Farewell, Your Majesty!

The third quarter ended today. It meant the last day altogether with two of my classes and a significant personnel shift in Humanities.

It was my last day with Princess Grace and the Songbird.

Enjoy one last conversation...

Educat: "Songbird, I need you to sit down until the bell rings, please."

Songbird continues her slow trip to the door whilst emitting an R&B style

Educat: "Songbird..."

Songbird grimaces and mutters something unintelligible

Educat: "Songbird, do you have any general ideas about propriety?'

Songbird: "Uhhhh....what that?"

Educat: "It's the noun form of proper. So if you are being proper or acting
properly, you are showing propriety."

Songbird: "Oooh, I mo use that. I mo tell people that be rude that they ain't
acting propriety."

Educat: "Do you mean using propriety?"

Songbird: "Shoot, thass what I hate bout this class, all those long ass

Princess Grace: "Girl, you ain't got no propriety!"

I will admit that I have come to appreciate Princess Grace. I don't know that
I'd say miss, but I will say appreciate.

Tomorrow morning I get a new Communications class. Due to some administrative mixup with testing (I will save my anger until I know who to blame), we have lost our English as a Second Language teacher and all those students must be placed. So what's the logical place to put kids of many
nationalities who can't speak English?


Stay tuned for more.

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