Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Dreaming of Sleep--But Not For Me

Tomorrow promises to be like a day without sunshine. Princess Grace will be on a field trip (be astonished--she is going to a college library to begin her Senior research project. She is a Senior!!) and I have unlocked the key to silenceing the songbird.


Today her total lack of effort showed as she presented her persuasive speech. The 55 she earned was partially a gift on my part. No sources cited, no main points, blah blah. I silenced her moanings about this grade and asked that she write down any of her complaints alongside her grading rubric with what she feels she earned. She snorted something I am pretty sure was profanity and went to sleep without a single yodel.

She went to sleep!!!

Should I feel guilty? Some days, I just let 'em go.

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Anonymous said...

So I was saying I need sleep, and boy do I. I even posted the comment on the wrong thingy.

Oh my.