Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Two Indications I Might Be Going To Hell...

1. Am talking with a friend about some condemnation she is feeling
from her church. I have talked with her about some of the different
ways to interpret Scripture and with every new idea she said, "So what
does the Bible really say?". Finally, I said, "Look, once you get past
an inerrant Scripture..."

She gave me a look that says she can't. Ouch.

2. It's time for the Hebrew chapter in Humanities!! It's time for the
Hebrew chapter in Humanities!!! I love this chapter!!!

This time I love it more than my class does. Class discussion will be
sparkling along and then I will toss out a thought question like

"So, how do we justify the fact that one of the main reason the faith
survived is because it was forced on nations of people? Anyone have
any ideas about that?"

Again, they don't.

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Anonymous said...

God's work, my friend. You are doing God's good work.