Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Triangle Of Action

The day was long. An ugly, ugly day that had me wondering to Keaton if I could shoot up or snort the Lexipro/breath mints (hell, it might still be a gamble, who knows?) and glossing over news from Kristen to bitch about enrollment conferences. I am in the process of getting back on my feet after the bleak midwinter suit season. It's time to do all the things I put off for "when things calm down".

So I send myself an email midday. I do this often. I title them "Blog this" and sketch out my thoughts. Today's were angry(they don't sound like it here, but you'd get it if you ate lunch with me today)...
    • Log out of SASI. Please use a red light/green light indicator--Our district record software freaks out at least twice daily lately and classes are interrupted by our registrar's British accent. "Teachers, please log out of SASI." It's gotten so bad that the kids have adopted it. If someone gets lippy with them they will hold up one finger and say "You just log out of SASI, there!".
    • Give book reports for Speech credit--Counseling office wants me to send two weeks worth of Comm work for a kid on suspension. When I suggest that Speech is hard to teach by correspondence, I am told I might give him book reports.

How good it feels at the end of the day to look at that email and know it doesn't matter. I can't fix SASI, but worked out the suspension work and have somehow managed to spend the evening in sweet denouement. I don't know if it was a smooth fifth block, a great baby shower/happy hour (no, not for the mother) or a great knitting class but I'll be looking for it at each day's end.

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